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My children loved the snotubing - they both slept very well that night as did I!
Trampolining is the best
 My child is more willing to take part than if we went on our own and it allows us to enjoy a couple of hours of having fun together in a non-judgmental environment.
He said he was excited about the party. He doesn't usually express excitement.
Thank you for giving my children opportunities and to have fun.
just a quickie to say THANK YOU for Saturday's Club - G loved it and hung out with and played with the boys - had a great time!  Lucy was excellent.
"it is so great that there is somewhere I can bring all 3 boys and they can just be themselves, they have great fun and I have a break"
Just wanted to say thank you from Nathan, Luke and Amelia - they had a great time Snotubing on DSC00253Saturday.
Even a 30 minute activity gives a shape to the weekend and makes life easier. photo 3
the activity was very well organised, fully inclusive & an absolutely fab experience. Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. photo 4
We're glad our children are having a great time, we are having a great time! IMG_0943
Many thanks for all that you have done for my child. Learning to catch a ball - which she did at Go Club - has been one of her key achievements this year.
I just wanted to let you know that both boys thoroughly enjoyed go club, it's so nice for them to be able to mix with other children without the pressure of having to communicate, especially for my eldest as he has aspergers as he is getting older his peers are becoming more aware of his language difficulties and he is becoming isolated, and aware that he has no friends.   I have been trying to convince him for ages to attend (as I knew it would be good for him) and I'm so glad we finally got there, so thank you for putting a smile on his face and boosting his confidence he was like a different child and cannot wait till the next go club.
My son loved the Birds of Prey event. He had his birthday party there earlier in the year. I think Sadie is fantastic with the children as she's very clear in her communication and a good teacher. Thank you for arranging it.
We love your events and recommend them often
it gives our daughter something to look forward to
Kids enjoyed themselves and felt a sense of achievement
It was awesome.
"it was cool !!, I nearly got the balloon "
I just wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful afternoon's horseriding yesterday. The staff and helpers were so friendly and welcoming to the youngsters and the horses were amazingly patient with thee steady stream of riders mounting and dismounting. James had a wonderful time!  
Mollie likes going to meet her friends and to take part in al the activities. we like the two hours of free time. and gives my wife a rests for two hours
It gives our daughter something to look forward to and Lucy is great
It's nice to see children enjoying themselves and that GO! is providing activities that whole family can join in
He loves the club, so many things to do. Giving my child some time out from family, helping him relax, then he gets all excited about telling me what he has been doing.
My child really enjoys it!
All the children can attend meaning we can have a proper break on the weekend with my husband. They all love it, the non additional needs children even more so!
My son has enjoyed different activities with other similarly disabled children. As we are able to leave our son in capable hands, my husband and I have been able to enjoy some time together. Staff are very positive and helpful and made me feel very confident that they would take good care of my child.
We were able to enjoy an activity in a quiet venue with others who understood Joe's difficulties. It was nice to be able to enjoy activities together
I love my son being able to socialise with support doing things he loves and it is nice to be able to get a coffee with a friend or family member or concentrate on my youngest son for a few hours
My child really enjoyed it and it gives us a break and chance to spend time with our other child.
My child appears to enjoy the club and it gives him independence and helps with his social skills
Ben loves coming to Go Club with the variation of activities especially the trampolining and it gives me time to do things that need doing
he loves coming and is always asking me when he can come back!
she asks me every week if the club is on! lol
Thank you We had so much fun!
My son would never try ice skating even with me helping him, but the tried and loved the roller skating thank you
This was my first time roller skating and I want to come again.
My Daughter had a really good time and has already been talking about going next weekend
it was really fun, when can I come again
My son and his sister had a fantastic time at the last club go could I please book them in for the next one?
They let her ride on her own half way which she loved. They let us feed the horses and were so engaging and helpful, great place to come.
My daughter loved it and that’s what it’s all about.
All the children were supported and accepted for themselves. The staff were friendly, understanding and respectful.
By the end of the session he did not want to leave.
I just wanted to write to thank you all for an amazing horse riding session. Our son thoroughly enjoyed himself and the staff (and horses!) were amazing.
Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and the emphasis was all about fun.
We have really enjoyed both events we have attended just keep doing what your are doing.
Enjoyed trying something new.
Thank you so much for booking my children onto the horse riding session on Saturday.  My son obviously felt safe in the environment as he rode the horse with no fuss or resistance & said ‘he enjoyed it & would go again’ – before he hasn’t enjoyed being in a horse environment.   It was also great that he was doing an activity with his younger sister and they both had individual attention from their stable helpers they needed. The stable leader & helpers at Bearwood Stables were excellent in their delivery of the session with the safe, secure & enjoyable environment they created.  Please pass on our thanks.
“one of the best times I have ever had” “really good, had fun” “scared at first but then I really enjoyed it ‘wicked’ “
A chance to relax as a family and do something we hadn’t tried before. The instructors were great at making her feel at ease.
The kids enjoyed the experience they want to do it again.
They had lots of fun.
Doing something as a family in an environment where everyone understood difficulties.
The boys could be independent and staff very friendly and understanding.
We really enjoyed it.
It was awesome.
Seeing the joy in my sons face. He is non verbal but was smiling/laughing/clapping the whole time.
My son had a brilliant time.
Value for money.
My son loved the horses and He would like to go again!
He loves to go horse riding, his sister loves it too as siblings are welcome also.
The staff very friendly and attentive, son loved the horse! He felt safe and secure and enjoyed it.
KDSC00138ids loved it they want more of them.
Seeing the kids have fun. They loved it and now want to take it up as a hobby.
Seeing the huge smile on my little boy’s face! He really loves it and looks forward to the next one each time he has been.
 We liked trying a new event. TDSC00141hey both loved it!
They both absolutely loved it!
My son thoroughly enjoyed it.DSC00137
Seeing the smiles on my children’s faces. More please!
Sno Tubing was something very different for us that perhaps we would not have tried if it wasn’t for this event. Knowing that all the other parents & children there are families with children with Additional needs is also very supporting. My children said it was AWESOME and want to know when they can go again !. It’s a shame younger siblings can’t join in for the whole session with a parent in attendance, but the staff did very kindly give the younger siblings a chance for a sno tube at the end of each of the sessions so pat on the backs to them.
My sons had lots of fun.
Gives the wife a break and Mollie likes going.
It’s organised – with chasing up health professionals and constant communication with school including conflict, I don’t have the time or energy to arrange outings.images
Seeing the children have fun and enjoy themselves.  Both children thought it was awesome.
My children get to try lots of different activities. photo 4
Great sDSC00125eeing the children(and adults) have fun!
Our daughter loves everything it’s a shame it’s not for longer.
Love the opportunity for experiencephoto_1[1] of a wide variety of activities
My son and his sister really enjoy the horse riding and other things you offer. We don’t have a lot of money so when these events come up they are affordable to us so my son has a chance to do these things.
My son being able to experience something new, with his impairments taking into consideration and being catered for. As it was his first time to the theatre, we were not sure how it was going to go – was a bit apprehensive at first but then absolutely loved it.
Honestly, having two hours of respite, but knowing that my son is having fun too.
We like the choice of events and it gives the wife a break.
That my child could participate in a mainstream event with children similar to him, and in an environment which is understanding of children with special needs. He absolutely loves the horse riding!
We enjoyed doing something we have not done before
I enjoyed it as much as my son who loved it.
The opportunity for my son and I to try ice skating without too many people. He really enjoyed it. The staff were very helpful and he liked the penguin.2014-06-14 15.00.19
My children really enjoyed the play. My child doesn’t speak, but he sat and watched the whole show without setting frustrated or bored.
Great going as a family & being able to relax.
Love the care and a break from my children.
It's a chance to experience something without the usual pressure when doing activities with “normal” children.
My son likes the sports activities, trampolining and disco. He really enjoys it.
Loved it!
Loved It.
I would like it to take place more often.
Loved it.
It was awesome.
Amazing, Great, Cool