Organising and event

Organising Event

Organising your own event

Well done on deciding to organise your event, we have put together some 'top tips' to get you started. If you are deciding to organise your event please get in touch with us so we can support you, advertise for you and help you make a success of it. 

What Theme or Activity

Choose what type of event you are going to hold. Could an existing event be held to raise funds for Family Resource Centre? See ideas on page


Think about the different ways you can raise funds around your event. See ideas on


Find an ideal place to suit your event. Check the facilities and talk with the venue manager about carrying out a risk assessment to judge suitability. For more information contact us.






Set yourself a realistic budget, making sure your costs are covered. Know your budget!


Choose an ideal date for your event. Make sure no other events are happening on the same day, or other significant days that could clash.


Let every Channel know about your event. Put up posters, email contacts, publish on social media - even write to local newspapers. Let everyone know your event is happening.


Make sure you know your minimum and maximum capacity for the event. Decide who to invite, and who your event is suited to.


Keep your event safe and legal, carry out a risk assessment and check out legalities of your event. if in doubt get in touch.

Have a Plan

Create a plan and stick to it! WHen planning make sure you are realistic and give yourself enough time. Don’t take on too much, ask friends and family to get involved - ask for help!



Sponsor / donation

Don’t be afraid to ask, see if you can get a venue, items or prizes donated for your event.

Set up your fundraising Page

If you want to set up a fundraising page to start raising funds for a challenge then you can make one by clicking here

Make your page with JustGiving

Fundraise in memory with JustGiving

Get in touch with our team, we are here to help!