Corporate support


Corporate Support


Could your business, organisation or group help support us? From GO! clubs, buddies to corporate support days you can be sure that your support will go a long way! There are many ways which you can get on board and help us carry on our great work.

Make us your charity of the year

Does your business want to team up with a charity who will benefit from your fundraising efforts, and support this year?GO! (Great Opportunities) Together would love local businesses to team up with us and help make a real difference to the community! We offer great chances for your work place to take part in events and get involved. 


Corporate Events - could a % be donated to GO!?

Have you been thinking of hosting a corporate event? You could include a percentage of funds raised or make it a fundraising event for the charity. This would not only help us build on our great projects but could also raise the profile of your business through positive PR which our digital team would help you with.

Adopt a Project

By adopting projects such as a GO! Club, GO! event, GO! style buddying it enables us to expand the reach of the work we do or event launch them in areas that need them.By adopting a project, you could help continue giving young people the support and confidence they need through some of our great projects.  

Cause related marketing

Would you like to link your brand to a worthwhile cause? If you are launching a new product or range, why not consider including GO! (Great Opportunities) Together or one of its products on your packaging?Statistics show that consumers are more likely to choose a brand which supports the community, and gives to charity. You could really help not just to boost your product sales, but show a real care for voluntary services and help raise money to support a project local to you.

Take up a challenge as an organisation

We would love your organisation to take up a challenge for us, there are many events and challenges both in the UK and abroad which corporate teams decide to tackle.

Make a corporate Donation

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