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Clubs and Events

GO! Clubs and Events

GO! Clubs and events have been expanding across the UK over the last three years. We have grown from working with less than a 100 children to now over 1200, offering over 3200 hours of clubs and events in the UK.

Come and join one of our GO! Clubs or events and enjoy meeting other families,  also giving a child or young person who needs extra support the opportunity to have fun and enjoy one of our fantastic sessions ... 


All of our Clubs have a variety of activities and interesting things to do, they run regularly so you can make friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Our special events are individual events for families to enjoy, keep an eye out for these near you!

We are expanding across the UK - so we will likely have clubs and events coming up soon in your area - to find out more email us at contact@greatopportunities.org.uk 




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