Apps for the Modern Musician

Apps for the Modern Musician

Music Apps

Would you like to...

  • create and loop your own sounds?
  • discover new music?
  • develop your music theory knowledge?
  • record your practice and performances?

The apps listed below are suitable for everyone at any stage of musical learning. Apps can be used as an introduction to the world of music and sound; as an aid for students' music studies; or as a tool to help teach in the classroom.

Follow the links below to find out how to download the apps. You can also search Google Play or the iTunes App Store on your device.

Apps and music tech is always changing on a daily basis -  before you download any app from the internet please check it before it is installed*** GO! is not responsible for any of the apps listed below as they are meant as a useful guide only. 




Ensemble Composer Pro: An alternative to Sibelius, this app is great for composing whilst out and about.  

NotateMe: This app can notate your singing and transcribe your handwriting, making it easier to write down those compositional ideas when you're on the move. Available on iOS and Android.

Play and Practice

ScaleTracks: Free app to help you practice scales and arpeggios in a fun and engaging way.

SmartMusic: Downloadable for free on all platforms, this interactive App records and plays back your instrumental/vocal practice. It also can offer feedback on your accuracy on thousands of pieces that you might play. If you are a teacher, you can also comment on and review students' SmartMusic sessions!

Metronome App: An intuitive interface, jam-packed with features, powerful customisation and flawless accuracy. The Metronome is a must-have for every musician.

Urban Play: Play along to 'urban flavoured music' with this app - a fun, new way to practice!


ABRSM Aural trainer: Practice your skills through a series of challenges for grades 1 to 8.

Britten Audio Sampler: Listen to samples of Benjamin Britten's work with this online resource from Britten100.

Spotify: A free app on all platforms, Spotify is great for discovering new music of all genres in high sound quality. Can be used with or without an internet connection. 

FREEGAL: This is a free app offered from Suffolk Libraries. All you need to register is your PIN and Library Card. You can download up to 5 mp3 tracks per week from a choice of over 6 million songs!

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Interactive scores, sounds, and games about Benjamin Britten's iconic piece that introduces the orchestra.


BBC Sounds: Radio & PodcastsYou can access video clips, TV broadcasts, and films with just a few taps or clicks.

Clapping Music: Tap along to Steve Reich's Clapping Music and watch videos about the composition of this piece and Electric Counterpoint.

EasyBand Studio: Ideal for classroom learning, create chord progressions and sketch ideas by simply dragging and dropping. You can export each project into Wav and MIDI files.

The Orchestra: Find out all there is to know about the orchestra, its set-up and instrumentation.

Rythm Sight Reading Trainer: Improve your sight reading skills with this app which has many levels suited for all abilities.

Theory Lessons: Learn all there is to know about music theory; from the basics to analyses of Classical works!

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: Try the games and quizzes on this novel App, suitable for 7-11 year olds, based on one of Britten's most favoured works. It includes great imagery, a short score, and a narration alongside the games and a full recording.

Recording, missing and Looping

Bebot: Create and edit your sounds with the easy-to-use touch system. Experiment with presets or create your own. Use it with other apps to develop your tracks even further.

Launchpad: Create and remix your music using a grid that triggers loops and sounds from a library of professional content. Edit your tracks using FX modes and share your content with friends.

Loopy HD: Record, layer and edit your loops, then perform and share with friends online.

Madpad: Record everyday sounds and turn them into the ultimate percussive piece. Mix with other clips and Madpad even works with videos!


Musical Futures: Free teaching resources for iOS and Android.

Pickup Tunes: Ear training games for iOS to help learn intervals and scalic patterns.

Rhythm Cat: Teaching common rhythms in a fun way for iOS.