Who we Are

Our Mission

To create great opportunities through participation in education, social activities and the arts for all, regardless of background and ability, to develop life skills, increase confidence, independence and wellbeing.

Our Impact 

Find out what impact the charity has had each year, by checking out our impact page

Who we are

GO! became a registered charity in November 2014 and was formed by a group of like minded people who wanted to create opportunities for others, regardless of their background, to increase confidence and wellbeing.

Great Opportunities has built a reputation for its innovation in service development and achieved recognition for the imaginative and diverse ways it creates opportunities for young people including horseriding, archery, birds of prey, sno-tubing to music scholarships and work placements.

From 1st October 2015 to September 2016 the Charity has worked with over 562 young people, 507 families provided over 1945 hours of clubs and events, 584 hours of mentoring.

With clubs and events increasing by 862% compared to the previous year and the young people who have used our charity has risen by 46%  showing a huge increase in those using the charity”

Over this last year we were delighted to win the Epic Awards 2016 and to be shortlisted as best new charity by the Charity Times Awards for now the third year running. This has been a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Charity’s voluntary team and those who support it.

The Charity is now looking to increase its services and projects across the South of England to ensure that we can carry on creating more opportunities in music, theatre, art, work and technology.

Our Values

We are proud to deliver activities and projects that really benefit young people and create for them great opportunities for better life chances. We do this through:


Innovation leads our work, with creative approaches to working within the community and through our projects to create new opportunities to develop life skills and chances. Being adaptable and delivering resourceful solutions to the problems that young people face is at the forefront of our work and its outcomes.

Social Justice

Social justice is an important element to our work in supporting young people. We challenge, advocate and seek to influence policies and practices that impact on the life choices and chances of young people to ensure that everyone has opportunity for advancement.

Partnership Working

Partnership working is an integral part of GO! Together, we work with NHS teams, voluntary and community sector groups, councils and public businesses to help support and develop our work with young people at all levels.

Putting young people at the centre

Young people are at the very centre of what we do. GO! together believes that every young person deserves the right to be supported regardless of their circumstances, race, gender, disability or behaviour. Our purpose is to help young people to grow through making make informed personal decisions about their lives and by creating opportunities to enable them to improve their life chances.


IMG_1424Our Vision

Our vision is to help everyone develop life skills and confidence through participation in theatre, music, art, work, sport and technology regardless of age or ability.


Raising Awareness

In 2016/17  GO! Great Opportunities is passionate about raising awareness of the needs of young people to gain life skills. Particularly:

– those with additional needs who need help to enter the workplace

– young people who are at risk of becoming long term unemployed

– young offenders who need help to turn their lives around.

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