Lot’s of different activities at GO! Club & Mini’s Basingstoke

This week at Basingstoke we had lots of different games happening at once throughout the hall.

A couple of the children like to play games with staff on their own. They read books, sung songs and enjoyed the large space to run around.

In one end of the hall we had a football game being played and staff, volunteers and children took it in turns to be in goal. The children loved beating the staff and the volunteers!

The football game later on turned into dodgeball and the children had great fun picking teams according to which volunteers and staff they wanted to beat!

In the other end of the hall we had some quieter games. Some of the children had built a den and they enjoyed making up games to play whilst inside.

We had the art and craft table stocked with activities and the children enjoyed colouring and writing stories.

The next session is the last one of this term. It’s been a fantastic term so far in Basingstoke, we have really enjoyed working with everyone and want to thank everyone who makes this club possible.

To find our more about Basingstoke GO!Clubs please follow the link http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/clubs/basingstoke-go-club/