Basketball skills and fun in Surrey this month

We have been living it large at Surrey GO! Club, some fantastic sports skills from the young people this month with everyone having a lot of fun. 

The children began this weeks session by playing sports, we played some football and basketball. The children also enjoyed trying to score baskets through a netball hoop with a basketball which is rather hard (as a basketball is larger than a netball) and they were really excited when they managed it. It was great to see how confident everyone was getting as the club went on with some great team work going on – so well done everyone!

One of the children had celebrated their birthday in the week so we ended the session with singing and cake, the best way to end this months club in Surrey.

We want to thank everyone who makes our clubs possible, everyone gets involved and puts in so much effort and we really appreciate everyone involved.

To find out when the next sessions are happening in Surrey – please check out their page here

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