Fun and games in Basingstoke

Fun and games in Basingstoke

We had a great session at club this week. Basingstoke is a fantastic club that we run for children with additional needs and their siblings. All the volunteers, staff and young people had a great session – from sports, crafts to singing we all had a fun time.

We made masks at the craft table this week, a chick made from cotton wool and a story written to name just a few of the wonderful creations that the young people did this week.

We had great fun singing nursery rhymes; the children loved doing the actions and getting all the volunteers to join in – many of them hadn’t sung these songs since they were children themselves. Everyone is looking forward to the next session this Saturday where we will be getting more of the young people involved in singing and sport.

Here at GO! we deliver great opportunities for young people in sport, music, art, theatre and much more. The young people who come to us build up there confidence throughout each session, it is a privilege to be able to do the work we do.

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