Thanks to everyone who came to our GO! Archery session

Great Archery session in Wokingham at the weekend with 10 children each trying out to join Robin Hood and his merry men.

A couple of the young people had tried archery before but the rest were all first timers. I have to say we were all very impressed at how well everyone did, everyone hit the target at least a few times – great skills!

After a couple of practice shots they had a competition getting different points for each area of the target, including 1 point if they missed completely. The highest score was 72 which included 6 shots to the bullseye – WELL DONE! The highlight of the session was definitely trying to pop the balloons on the target, amazing how refreshed and happy everyone one was by just getting out in the fresh air – we feel very privileged delivering these kind of events.

A huge thanks to the staff who were so patient and helpful, one of the youngest children found the archery difficult to start with but staff member Lee helped and encouraged him, not pressuring him to hurry up and allowed him to have his full amount of arrows even if the others in the slot had finished. So well done to the amazing staff and team, it helped make the day really enjoyable for everyone.

Even our playleader had a go at archery and hit the target!!

This was a wonderful session, everyone had fun, the weather stayed dry and the parents enjoyed watching their children having fun.

Thanks to everyone who makes sessions like this possible, helping give young people confidence, be part of a team and take part! You are all amazing!


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