GO Club in Basingstoke had a great weekend

We had great fun at the Basingstoke session this week. We had a fairly busy session with lots of children.

The size of the room means that the children are able to play lots of different games and activities and still have their own space if they want to.

A couple of the boys teamed up with one of our particularly sporty volunteers and spent the session playing football, badminton and basketball.

A group of children enjoyed playing chase and role play with the parachutes. It was lovely to see all the different games and creations they came up with.

A couple of children enjoyed making things on the art and craft table.

One of the great things about running these sessions is hearing the young people say they are looking forward to the next session – thanks to everyone who makes these clubs possible!

Find out more about the Basingstoke Club Autumn term here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/clubs/basingstoke-go-club/

And the Basingstoke Mini’s Autumn term Here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/clubs/basingstoke-go-club-minis/