Sno-Tubing fun in Berkshire for young people

Well done to all the amazing families who came along to our Sno-tubing session on Mother’s Day! A beautiful sunny day and we were so pleased to welcome young people who had never experienced son-tubing before. The difference from the start of the session to the end was huge, with everyone very confident by the end of the session and having a great time.

The children had great fun sliding down the slope either going forward, backward, spinning or as a group. We also had a couple of older siblings come along to help and they were pulling 2 or 3 sno-tubes up the slopes.

A couple of the mums had a go at the end and they both wished they had tried earlier so that they could have had more turns.

GO! feels privileged to work with families across the South of England offering exciting events and clubs to families and young people with additional needs. It is important that families can be together and enjoy an environment that’s inviting, safe and where they can all have fun together. The support for parents is just as important to the young people who attend. We are glad we can be part of providing this support network – roll on the next session!

Holding this event on the Sunday rather than Saturday was a big hit, and this worked really well for some of the families. So we will try and hold some more events on Sundays in the future.

Without your support we would not be able to carry out the work we do – why not get involved and help us carry on making a real difference to young people – get involved here

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