Easter term fun in Basingstoke

GO! loves getting young people together to get active, arty and use their creative skills – this is exactly what we did in the special Easter session. Most of the children made Easter boxes which were very nicely decorated with chocolate eggs inside to take home, these were a big hit and everyone really showed off their arty skills.

Following on with the Easter theme we all decorated cakes and biscuits, everyone enjoyed taking part. Lots of treats to go home with and everyone was proud of their food creations.

The GO! team were so happy that one child who does not tend to sit down for longer than a few seconds sat to decorate a box and biscuit. This was a huge step forward to see this and it is great seeing the increased confidence of young people who take part in this club.

At GO! we know just how hard it can be for young people with different needs to feel confident, to work with others and to get involved. This session really showed that these barriers can be overcome and small things really can make a huge difference.

Without your support we would not be able to carry out the work we do – why not get involved and help us carry on making a real difference to young people – get involved here

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