Getting creative in Havant

GO! ran a great club in Havant recently, with the firm favourite being the parachute, with lots of running underneath, hiding and playing creative activities. Good fun and it certainly put all the GO! play leaders through their paces.

At GO! we love to give young people we work with the opportunity to try new things such as different types of art, or new kinds of music – this week we made play dough sculptures and enjoyed playing the piano. The Club progressed into a game of football with lots of shots on target, great team work and effort by everyone involved in Havant.

GO! support families in Havant who have children with additional needs who would like to use our clubs, make friends and have new experiences in music, art, sport and much more. We would love to welcome more families to this club – find out more on our Havant club page to find out when the next session is running near you.

We would like to thank everyone who makes this clubs possible, we are proud to have made a difference to all the families and young people who use our clubs or who attend events and could not reach all the people we do without our fantastic volunteers.

Without your support we would not be able to carry out the work we do – why not get involved and help us carry on making a real difference to young people – get involved here

Check out what was happening this last term in Havant.

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