Fun in Fleet at the start of this term

Fun in Fleet at one of this terms sessions, we explored and had fun with the parachute and reflections in this session. Our newest member to Fleet settled in really well and had great fun with Kirsty playing with the parachute with lot’s of running around. GO! run clubs for children with additional needs to help give parents an opportunity to leave their children in a friendly, safe and supervised environment. GO! clubs vary to give children fun opportunities in art, sport, theatre skills, music and much more.

Last year GO! worked with over 74 volunteers across the South of England, we are proud to have made a difference to all the families and young people who use our clubs or who attend events and could not reach all the people we do without our fantastic volunteers.

Without your support we would not be able to carry out the work we do – why not get involved and help us carry on making a real difference to young people – get involved here

Check out what was happening this last term in Fleet.

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