Time for Sports in Basingstoke

We really enjoyed Basingstoke GO! club, this club helps support young people with additional needs, we help create opportunities in art, sports, music and much more. This week was a relaxed session with lots of small groups. At GO! we try and adapt each club to what young people want to do, some like to run around and play sports, others like to explore the arts and craft area.

Some of the children in this weeks session read books, used the Arts n Crafts area and played board games and blocks. Some of our young people full of energy so  played football and badminton, did cartwheels and played with the parachute.

Did you know that last year GO! provided over 680 hours of buddying, befriending and mentoring across the South of England, we are proud to have made a difference to all the families and young people who use GO!

Without your support we would not be able to carry out the work we do – why not get involved and help us carry on making a real difference to young people – get involved here

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