Join us for #GOFeelgoodFEB and hear from young people, parents, students and more …

Join us for #GOFeelgoodFEB and hear from young people, parents, students and more ...

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This February GO! will be sharing feedback and stories it has received from those using the charity either as a young person at a club/event, parents, students of one of our scholarships, buddies, befrienders, volunteers and much more ...

Let's share a bit of love this February - Let's GO!

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Follow us for #GOFeelgoodFEB great hearing from one of our student placements!
Sharing a bit of good this February - Let's GO!
Follow us using #GOFeelgoodFEB

Feedback from a student using GO as a work placement


Happy Monday, did you know that GO! runs clubs all across the South East of England? Lovely hearing from one of our parents in #GOFeelGoodFEB in our club we do arts, crafts, sports, music and much more ...

a parent using go using the charities clubs and events


thanks to all those who made 682 hours of buddying, befriending and mentoring in 2016 possible

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 Did you know that Snotubing is one of our young peoples favourite events at GO? It's great the whole family can get involved too, the adults have as much fun as the children...

Parents were asked if they enjoyed these events?
"yes, it was lovely to experience a new activity as a family and felt comfortable as ours was not the only disabled child"
"yes, It's great being given an opportunity to do something we wouldn't normally do"


did you know that GO! delivered 1727 hours of Clubs and events across the South of England in 2016? From Surrey to Devon, children have been enjoying the work we do ... Thanks to everyone who volunteers, plans the work, creates fun events and makes these things so special! Check out our gallery to see what we do ...

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Thanks to all our scholarship students last year in music, singing and much more  #GOFeelgoodFEB we sponsored 9 students in 2016 - here from some of our students.

"I will always have this knowledge with me and it was a pleasure to work with such fantastic people."

"I can now sing in a way that I never had the confidence or ability to before, for that I am truly grateful."

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GO! were joined by 11 students training for their National Citizens Service, as part of #GOFeelgoodFEB hear what the students in our GO! club had to say about it ...


#GOFeelgoodFEB Thanks to everyone who supports GO! and helps make the events like the one on Saturday for families and young people possible, here are some photos of the GO! event travelling to Wellington Park - what did a parent say:

"We had a wonderful few hours exploring the walk around the lake taking in little fairy doors in the trees, dinosaur trail, various playgrounds and the little farm with chickens goats sheep pigs donkeys rabbits guinea pigs."

GO! provides opportunities for young people, especially those with additional needs to experience new things, gain new skills, enjoy time as a family and exploring the outdoors, theatre, art and music ...

Could you help us keep our work going?

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