Wokingham GO! Falconry 14 January

Thanks to everyone who came along to GO Falconry – this event was for young people to have a unique experience holding and learning about birds of prey.

All the children were dressed warmly for the 2 hour session, it was a bit wet and muddy but the fantastic animals meant the mud didn’t get in the way of having fun.

We saw five birds Acer a peregrine falcon, Ash a barn owl, Echo a kestrel, Bert a Harris hawk and Charlie an owl. The young people were really excited about seeing and holding the birds, it was a great to see how much more confident the children were by the end of the session.

All the children wore special gloves which allowed them to hold all the birds and stroke the owls, they could not stroke the other birds as it could damage their feathers.

One of the children was especially excited as she loves anything to do with owls, so to be able to hold and stroke two was just amazing for her.

We learnt a lot about the different birds including their hunting and eating habits.

The day was a great success, full of new experiences, learning and fun!