Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors

British Gymnastics are proud to introduce our Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors, who want to share their story within our sport and encourage others to give it a try. The Ambassadors speak about their experience in gymnastics, what they have achieved and what they love about it. They tell other disabled people how inclusive they have found gymnastics to be, in clubs up and down the country.

Our Ambassadors show that disability is not a barrier, and they act as inspiring role models within Disability Gymnastics.
Introducing our ambassadors-
Disability: Cystic Fibrosis
Club: Activ8 Trampoline Club

Trampoline gymnast Ethan Davidson has been involved in gymnastics since he was just two years old. Now nine, he competed at the British Championships for the very first time in 2016 having come through our dedicated Disability Gymnastics pathway.

Disability: Fibular Hemimelia
Club: University of Hertfordshire Sports Village

Our youngest Disability Ambassador, Elodie Lambert, is five years old and has been taking part in gymnastics for just over a year. For one hour each week Elodie can be found at the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village, where she is coached gymnastics alongside non-disabled children her own age.

Disability: Hearing impairment
Club: AAAsports

A very springy and energetic eight-year-old, Erin was always flipping around the house and bouncing from room to room. Having tried swimming, Erin saw gymnastics on the TV and had some friends who were involved, so wanted to have a go. Her dad spoke to Erin’s school who were able to help find a club nearby; AAAsports, where Erin has now been doing gymnastics for just over a year.

To find out more about the  Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors go to https://www.british-gymnastics.org/clubs/gymnastics-for-all-activities/disability

Elodie Erin Ethan