Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘Unpacking the Voice’ workshop, our scholarship students and of course our resident vocal coach Colin

Thank you to everyone who attended the 'Unpacking the Voice' workshop, our scholarship students and of course our resident vocal coach Colin unpacking-banner GO! were delighted this year to offer scholarship places on its first 'Unpacking the Voice' course to students from Plymouth University, City College Plymouth and to a few members of the Palace Theatre Choir as part of our commitment to the Arts. This course was also open to the public.
GO! have really loved providing these kind of opportunities to those who are passionate about singing and who want to learn more. This is what the Charity and its work is all about!"
Unpacking the voice was our first series of workshops, lead by our resident vocal coach, Colin Davey. We would like to thank Colin for using his skills to train and coach people on this course, with a wide variety of techniques looked at and 1 to 1 tuition on individual pieces. The people who took part and contacted us enjoyed this programme. The course was an introduction to the voice and how it works, looking at the voice from an anatomical point of view, so that we can understand the techniques used to use our voice in a safer way, but also to improve the voice too. On the course, we looked at vocal health, vocal warm ups, tilt, twang, cry, larynx position, anchoring, tongue position and diction; which gave the attendees on the course a complex and varied look at the voice. As well as teaching the techniques to the group, each attendee worked 1 to 1 with Colin on a solo, so he could really focus on each individual and offer advice on an individual basis. The course was well received and we have listed just some of the feedback below:  
The vocal workshop not only educated me about the anatomy of the voice and the way in which it works but being taught by Colin's constant enthusiasm and support boosted my confidence through the roof. Learning through technique has been the best way in improving my voice as a whole and I never truly understood how hard you have to work to produce a decent sound, but now I do. I will always have this knowledge with me and it was a pleasure to work with such fantastic people”
The vocal workshop has not only extended my vocal ability in ways that I never imagined, it has also provided me with immeasurable confidence. Colin has taught me so much about the anatomy of the voice and as a result, I can now understand how my voice is working when I'm singing. The passion and knowledge with which Colin taught was so inspiring and he always made the sessions fun and engaging. I can now sing in a way that I never had the confidence or ability to before, for that I am truly grateful.”
I found the vocal workshop extremely useful and valuable, up until working with Colin I had never had any previous vocal training outside of brief work that I'd done during shows. The in depth approach to both technique and anatomy that Colin took to teaching the course was brilliant! And I walked away much more confident in what I'm doing with my voice!”