GO! outreach project works with Year 5 Students of College Road Primary School on a production of ‘Aladdin and his Magical Lamp’

GO! outreach project works with Year 5 Students of College Road Primary School on a production of 'Aladdin and his Magical Lamp' panto-project-with-plymouth Since September, our GO! Arts department have been working with the Year 5 Students of College Road Primary School on a production of 'Aladdin and his Magical Lamp' as part of our outreach project. GO! has sponsored this work and are delighted that so many young people got to be involved in theatrical, acting and learning skills. This was just an incredible experience not only for the young people taking part but also to the school who watched the performance, some of it being their first ever panto.
15681784_10210647645404037_316293961_oI can't believe that's our Year 5 students, I was so taken by their characters, I totally forgot" - Teacher
Together with their class teacher, Mrs Rolfe, Sam has attended the school weekly holding workshops and rehearsals working on performance skills and working towards putting their production together. We spent the first couple of sessions looking at the origins on pantomime and what they mean, then moving on to character development and with a focus on storytelling. The project was combined with the classes project focus for the term, which was 'soaring', meaning that the class received a more rounded experience as this project developed their learning muscles on all aspects of their curriculum.
Every single member of the class was involved, and really looked like they were enjoying themselves" - Audience Member
15631414_10210647670884674_1850101591_oAs the weeks developed, so did the children too. The pupils confidence as performers, and people was clear to see, and seeing them do it with a smile on their face was all the more rewarding. The script was written so that every pupil that wanted a line could have one, and all pupils took on the chance to have a speaking role. All of the pupils displayed wonderful commitment, learning all of their lines weeks before the performance so that we could continue to develop their show. As part of the project, Meier, our artist, went to the school and held a prop making session, making props ranging from a washing machine to a flying carpet! The project culminated in two performances, one for the school and one for the parents. The performance to the other pupils on the school was the first experience for some children, of pantomime and they roared with laughter, as did the parents too when they watched the following evening.
15658652_10210647666924575_2113641576_oWatching the College Road year 5 students perform was a great experience. They demonstrated that they had worked really hard on this project and to see them deliver such an accomplished performance on the day was remarkable.
I am delighted that we could sponsor this opportunity for so many young people and it highlights how important it is for young people to have this kind of chance! I want to thank the school and the pupils for letting us work with them and of course Sam for working so hard on this project. I saw a lot of bright futures in the making which was wonderful. Thank you!" Heather, CEO of Action for People / GO!
Overall, the project offered young people a rounded experience of theatre, from prop making, to the rehearsals to the final performance. Their journey on the project as incredibly impressive and the way that they tackled the show and developed with it, was a delight to see. We are excited about future outreach projects and definitely excited to return to College Road.

We would like to offer an extended THANK YOU to Sam, Meier, the Year 5 students and teachers and the Headmaster who have worked hard to support this project.

The audience were captivated and so was I" - Teacher I loved all off it" - Audience Member
Photos of this production have permissions and are copywrite to Meier Williams www.meierwilliams.com 15609238_10210647704125505_1056421483_o 15629070_10210647656164306_1587284148_o 15631196_10210647640643918_985105556_o 15631414_10210647670884674_1850101591_o 15631455_10210647645884049_768113620_o 15645096_10210647669684644_1459831986_n 15645280_10210647672324710_30757303_n 15645686_10210647649004127_200020340_n 15645694_10210647643403987_1499982473_n-2 15657958_10210647663964501_1132497478_o 15658172_10210647709885649_1933555509_o 15658229_10210647704325510_464576291_o 15658652_10210647666924575_2113641576_o 15659043_10210647645524040_436868612_o 15666209_10210647726326060_1429336396_n 15673204_10210647702765471_848378467_n 15673311_10210647645084029_163657893_n 15673490_10210647671284684_921956624_n 15681677_10210647702685469_501814967_o 15681784_10210647645404037_316293961_o 15681805_10210647645644043_967082297_o 15681923_10210647736846323_902013538_o 15682112_10210647669644643_1379133014_o