Fleet GO! Club & Mini’s 1 October

Fleet GO club was great fun this week.img_3696

We had a few children who had not been for a while and it was nice to see them again.
In the noisier room the children played dodgeball, baseball and tennis. The children had great fun running around and letting off steam.
In the quieter room the children made dens, played board games and built towers and other creations out of bricks.
The children really enjoyed being able to go between the 2 rooms and let off steam and then relax and be a little quieter in the other room.
It was a great session and we are all looking forward to next time.

Find out more about the Fleet Club Autumn term here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/clubs/fleet-go-club/

And the Fleet Mini’s Autumn term Here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/fleet-go-club-minis/