Eastleigh GO! Club & Mini’s 12th October

We had a great session at Eastleigh this week. img_3830
We spent most of the session playing volleyball and played tournaments – naturally the staff lost! The children enjoyed devising their own rules for the games and made a scoring sheet. A person who wasn’t playing at the time would be the referee and would score the others. It was a great game which promoted team work.
In between volleyball games – when we all needed a breather, we did some arts and crafts and some board games. We all designed Halloween costumes which was great fun and we had a couple of games of Frustration.
It was a great session and we will be back in Eastleigh in a month after the break for half term.

Find out more about the Eastleigh Club Autumn term here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/eastleigh-go-club/

And Eastleigh Mini’s Here; http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/eastleigh-go-club-minis/