Fleet GO! Club 23 Jan 2016

We had a great session at Fleet this week with a few new children.IMG_0941

They settled in really quickly with the lego and parachute being particularly popular.

We played a variety of game with the children including football, dodgeball, den building, tower building, hide and seek and parachute games.

The children naturally split into 2 groups, the noisier games were held in 1 room and the quieter games in the other. A couple of the new children are keen footballers and really enjoyed an epic football match that lasted most of the session (with a quick half time break for some lego creations!)

Some of the children enjoyed building towers of bricks and tried to get them to reach as tall as the children. The really fun part was when they came crashing down!

We used the parachute in lots of imaginative play, from den building to train rides. The children all had a great time and we look forward to seeing our new children again soon.

Find out more about the Fleet Club Spring term here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/clubs/fleet-go-club/

And the Fleet Mini’s Spring term Here: http://www.greatopportunities.org.uk/fleet-go-club-minis/


Thanks to everyone who has made this a great start to the year here at GO!

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